Hi, people.

Here´s a mix of some songs that inspired or moved me over the last couple of months.
I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do.



1. Gandalf  : One of my favorite psychedelic groups from the 70ties.
I also love their interpretation of eden abez  ” nature boy ” , also sung by the great nat king cole.
Great arrangement, beautiful instrumentation, and heavy lyrics :
” You don´t need a lock on your door,when understanding is the key “.

2. Janko Nilovic : This beat is a beast.Sampled by jay z for his song ” death of autotune “.
When you hear the dopeness of the original you know why.

3. Condello : Don´t know much about this artist but I´ve been in love with this albu for some month now.
Brings psychedelic pleasures to my ears.Watch out for the beautiful flute part in this song

4. Natural Yoghurt Band : Very heavy spiritual song.Sounds very european to me.
They bring the library sound to anotherm level.Siiiick!

5. Fat Albert Einstein : One of my favorite talents  out there.
Fat albert´s style is unique and his interpretation of  this bach classic is just insane.
Check out his release called “After The Beep” on Switchstance Recordings.

6. Francoise De Roubaix : I watched the louis de funes movie ” L´homme orchestre ” with a hangover a couple of weeks ago.
What a great,stupid movie.The music sounded familiar and…. I was right: Francoise De Roubaix!
I´ve known his work before and this soundtrack is just worth to listen to.
Some nice beatz to sample too.
I like the bluesy vocal on this one seems like the singer almost looses his mind while singing!

7. Eden Ahbez : Lay back and listen to the deepness of this one.There´s somthing in his voice that takes me away.I feel hope in this song.
Like his music, the bio of eden is also worth checking out.

8. Larry Saunders : Soulmusic at it´s best.Great message by a great vocalist.

9. Shawn Lee feat Bina : You all know Shawn Lee.
” World Of Funk ” : one of my favorite albums of the year 2011

10. Sevil And Ayla : Turkish psych funk with the guitar riff of led zep´s ” Whole Lotta Love “.
I wish I could understand the words…..

11. Chumei Watanab : I just love the sound of the flute.Nice harmonies on this one.A great tune to lay back and relax.
Check out the whole album.A shitload of samples.

12. Linda Lewis : She´s got such a unique voice.Great sting arrangement and a lot of soul.

13. Phoenix Express : This is my favorite song to get up in the morning.Positive dopeness with raw drumming.

14. Baby Huey : When I heard this for the first time, it blew my mind.This song is pure energy.
I feel a change is gonna come!

15. Kalyanji Andandji : This guy composed some of the dopest bollywood soundtracks.I love the tape driven recording
with the spooky spring verb.What a beautiful melody.

16. Ananda Shankar :  This song flows like I river through my ears.This song´s got everything what it takes to make me happy.
Great theramine part!

17. Ream Daranoi : I alway wonder if this is a child, or woman singing.I love thai music from the 70ties.
my wife will probably never get used to this kind of music, but it´s so fresh to my ears and inspires me so much.

18. Tony Tuff : I guess you all know from my own productions, how much I love reggae / dub.
My sister´s name is maureen and it´s funny to hear her name in that song:)

19. Jaques Brel : I´ve been a fan of this artist, since I went to school in Anchorage / Alaska, when I was seventeen.
my buddy, francoise, from belgium introduced his music to me at that time.
I still remember listening to ” Amsterdam ” for the first time.
Check out the live video on you tube.

20. Anh Sang : I don´t know anything about this artist.Got this from a compilation.Sounds like a drunken thai tom waits to me.
This is punkrock to me: raw and direct!


Please feel free to check out the new release by my sideproject deela on switchstance recordings. The ep is called ” we dance to forget “, and is aiming directly to the dancefloor. Funky afro latin vibes for the summer featuring a dope remix by diesler!

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who´s in austin texas should check this out!

cheers everybody

here´s another mix I found on my computer.
did it a while ago.
mellow dope beats for your aural pleasure!!!

have fun


p.s. : sorry!no tracklist

hey, you

a little gift for the weekend from the ancient astronauts.
please, check out their funky ride through the cosmos of good music.

rock on!

hi, peeps

I´m glad to tell you that me and my partner dogu
are going on tour through the states again.
a whole month the ancient astronauts will be
promoting their forthcoming album ” into bass and time ” !
I hope lots of people can come to see our shows,
and enjoy our freestyle ride through the cosmos of good music!!!



I was invited for an interview with the radio station Funkhaus Europa. Sorry, but it’s only in German.

By the way:

Dogu and me finished our new Ancient Astronauts album called “Into Bass And Time” which will be released on 8th March on ESL Music. And the best thing: It’ll be available as a 2LP gatefold edition!! Take a listen to the snippet right here:



Beats & Greetz,